Do you need a car?

With KINTO Share you can have a car for a short trip or an adventure. Book a car from 55 SEK/h, 2495 SEK/week or 8495 SEK/month. 

- It's free to join
- No binding period or monthly fees
- Get started in just 2 minutes

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Small, large, spacious or luxurious. A car for every need.


Cars whenever it suits you. Pick up and return around the clock.


Fixed parking, fuel, congestion taxes, insurance, vehicle inspection, service and maintenance is all included in the price.

Kvinna som går ifrån en KINTO-Yaris

Prices for every wallet 

Not only can we offer you the right car - we also have flexible prices and renting hours. An hour, a day, a week or an entire month. Or why not a weekend whenever it suits you? Our 72 hour price applies to any day of the week. And best of all - no monthly fees or binding periods.

It's simple!

KINTO Share is for you who prefer easy access to a car, 24/7. This is how it works.



Choose a car, a time and a KINTO-location that suits you.

A perfect car for every occasion. 

Going away for the weekend? Or maybe running a quick errand that demands loading space? Then KINTO is perfect for you. Book a car from an hour to as long as you want. You've got the need, we've got the car.

Tjej som letar efter KINTO-bil

Find your car

Our belief is that everyone should have the freedom to move, but as we enter a once-in-a-century period of transformation, there are many challenges for us to overcome. With cities more congested, lives more connected and aspirations changing, the way people move is evolving. Which is why we evolve with them.


A great alternative

I recently moved to a new place that needed a renovation. I honestly don't know how I would have managed without KINTO. KINTO has made it so easy for me to run quick errands in a smooth way, plus the benefit of not having to search for a parking spot. It takes many KINTO rides before it would better for me to just get my own car.

KINTO share app

KINTO Share app

The app is your digital key, your guide to your KINTO location and so much more. Get ready and download it now.