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About KINTO Share 

KINTO Share gives you the freedom to choose between several cars - completely without maintenance costs. The majority of our cars are Hybrids and you can choose whichever suits you and your needs, no matter if it's for a weekend trip or an important business meeting. With KINTO Share, it's up to you when you want to pick up and return the car, 24/7.

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Why KINTO Share? 

Simplicity is our keyword. It's simple to find, book and drive a car, completely on your conditions. We have learned that today's consumers want an easy and direct way of finding services that simplifies the everyday life, e.g. having a car, exactly when you need it. Without all the hazzle, all the costs and everything else that takes unnecessary time from your day.

"It's my ambition to move Toyota from being a car company to a mobility company, and the opportunities for what we can develop and create are - for me - endless. I am determined to create new ways to transport oneself and connect all our clients around the country, the city or simply just across the room."

Akio Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, CES-fair in 2018
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The future 

We believe in giving everyone the possibility and freedom to move. Right now, we are in times of big changes and there are many obstacles for us to deal with. Many cities are already overpopulated and overloaded, people in general have more connected lives and the strive towards change is enormous. We want to be a part of that change. Now we introduce KINTO Share - our first milestone towards our ultimate goal to offer ever better mobility for all.