Select your Flex car 

With KINTO Flex, you can choose the car needed and change car for every new 30 day period. Toyota Corolla and Toyota C-HR can be subscribed to straight away. Are you interested in another model. Get in touch.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla 

Touring Sports Hybrid 

fr. 5999 SEK/month

Included in your KINTO Flex car subscription!

Vehicle tax

Deductible Reduction 


Toyota Eurocare 

Replacement car

Available customer center

Tire change + storage

Full coverage insurance

Vehicle inspection


Normalt wear and tear

300 Swedish miles/month

Full flexibility after 30 days

Not included: 

Congestion taxes, fuel, speeding fines, parking tickets, washer fluid, car wash, kilometers beyond 300 Swedish miles (+1kr/km).

Corolla Touring Sport

Corolla Touring Sports 

The world's most sold car takes your driving to the next level. Equipped with world-class technology and matched with an elegant interior, Corolla Touring Sports is a hybrid for every occation.

6901 SEK/month

Toyota C-HR 

C-HR is the sporty crossover SUV that is packed with world class technology. With it's elegant interior, C-HR is a Hybrid that suits almost everyone.

6700 SEK/month