What’s next?

We are happy that you’re subscribing to a car from us! Here is some “good to know” information before you pick up your car.

Before pick up  

You pay for your 30 day period an advance. The monthly fee will be drawn just before your subscription starts. So make sure there's money on the card that you've put on your profile.

Pick up 

An hour before your subscription starts and you can pick up your car, you will receive a SMS. In the SMS you will get all the instructions you’ll need to get into the car.


In the car there’s a fuel card that you’re free to use. Every payment you’ve done with “our” card will be debited after every 30 day period. Information about PIN to the fuel card will be available for you when your subscription starts.


Is your subscription coming to an end? Contact our customer service and return the car to the same KINTO location where you picked it up. With full tank.


Do you need the car for a little bit longer? At the end of every 30 day period you’ll get the choice to extend or end your subscription. Do you want to extend? Keep the car, your subscription extends automatically for 30 more days.


You pay for every 30 day period right before it starts. If you used the cars fuel card, need to pay congestion tax, other fees or extra miles, you will be charged afterwards from your chosen bank card.


You get a maximum of two receipts for every 30 day period. One covering the 30 day subscription and one additional if you have extra costs (congestion tax, fees, extra miles etc.) that you need to pay afterwards.

Included in your KINTO Flex car subscription

Vehicle tax 

Deductible Reduction (5000 kr deductible)


Toyota Eurocare 24/7

Replacement car

Available customer center 

Tire change + storage

Full coverage insurance

Vehicle inspection


Normal wear and tear

300 Swedish miles/month*

Full flexibility after 30 days

Not included: 

Congestion taxes, fuel, speeding fines, parking, parking tickets, washer fluid, car wash, kilometers beyond 300 Swedish miles (+1kr/km).

* Not applicable for the 12-month price (1500 km/month).