A company agreement that makes it easy to have a car!

Do you want to drive KINTO as a business solution? It is easy. Get a membership that makes it easy for you to scale up and down as needed.

Free Business 



A membership for you who need access

Access to KINTO Flex 

Access to KINTO Share 

Light Business



kr /month

For you who want an easy way to administer your users

Easy administration of users

Pay by invoice

Access to KINTO Flex

Access to KINTO Share with a lower driving price

Unlimited number of users


Plus Business


kr /month

A membership for you with varying needs

Easy administration of users

Smart reporting

Access to KINTO Flex 

Access and lowest driving price at KINTO Share 

Pay by invoice

Environmental reporting

Premium support 

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What is KINTO Share? 

As a KINTO member, you have access to all our mobility solutions. If KINTO Flex is our flexible car subscription, KINTO Share is our smart sharing service. With KINTO Share, you have access to a car per hour, around the clock and book a car from 44 kr/h and 1.6 kr/km, all included. Even parking!

Corolla Touring Sport

Corolla Touring Sports 

The world's most sold car takes your driving to the next level. Equipped with world-class technology and matched with an elegant interior, Corolla Touring Sports is a hybrid for every occation.

6502 kr/month

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C-HR is the sporty crossover SUV that is packed with world class technology. With it's elegant interior, C-HR is a Hybrid that suits almost everyone.

6400 kr/month