How KINTO Flex works

KINTO Flex is extra flexible, and makes it easy to scale up and down the number of cars in your company.


When your agreement is ready, you will get access to our admin portal where you can invite your employees to use KINTO.


The employee receives an invitation email and follows the onboarding for a personal KINTO account and can subscribe to a car at a time and place that suits them.


Pick up your car on your chosen start date and KINTO location.


Is the employee not in need of a car after the 30 day period? Return the car to the same KINTO location where you picked it up. With full tank.


Does the employee need the car for a little bit longer? At the end of every 30 day period you can extend or end your subscription. Do you want to extend? Keep the car, your subscription extends automatically for 30 more days.


The car has its own fuel card but you decide what card to use. If you use it, you get everything specified on an invoice.


Payment is made via a single monthly invoice, specified for each user and car, including any additional costs such as using the car's fuel card, congestion taxes, parking fines or extra miles.