Prices that suits every trip

Let's start off with telling you the best news - everything is included in the price! Parking, fuel, service, taxes, fees and everything else. And you can book our new and safe cars after your specific needs, for how long you as you want.

Free business 

0 SEK/month


SEK/h (fr.)

For you who only need a car occasionally and don't need any extra functions

Available 24/7 without any fixed costs

Pay with invoice 

Light business

495 SEK/month


SEK/h (fr.)

For you who want a better price when you drive and need smart functions

Smart functions such as reporting and follow-up

Pay with invoice 

Plus business

1495 SEK/month



A membership adapted to you with varied needs

Our lowest driving rate

Smart reporting and follow up 

Pay with invoice 

Do you need a car and parking for a couple of days or a week?

Do you have a bigger project, a couple of stressful days or colleagues from another city in town for a visit? Book a package price and use cars and parking spots as if they were your own.

Compare our memberships and prices 

Which membership and which price suits your business? All prices are excluded VAT.

Choose type of car

Liten (Yaris)

Free företag

Light företag

Plus företag

Skaffa KINTO
Skaffa KINTO
Skaffa KINTO
Antal användare som får ansluta sig till ert medlemskap.




Pris för valt medlemskap per månad.

0 kr

495 kr

1495 kr

Pris för bokning, 60 minuter.

75 kr

65 kr

50 kr

Pris för 24 timmar.

745 kr

645 kr

595 kr

Pris för bokning, 7 dagar. *Pris för företag avser 5 dagar

2980 kr

2580 kr

2380 kr

Pris per kilometer. Bränsle ingår i priset, betalning görs med tankkort som finns i bilen.

1,8 kr

1,6 kr

1,6 kr


En samlad månadsfaktura på alla era resor

All inclusive

Bränsle ingår och är alltid inkluderat i km-avgiften. Tankning görs med bilens bränslekort.




Tullavgifter/trängselskatt ingår inom Sveriges gränser.




Bilens reserverade p-plats ingår i priset. Bilen hämtas och lämnas alltid på samma plats. Du kan använda bilens reserverade p-plats under hela din hyra.




Gratis avbokning 30 min innan din bokning startar




Priserna ovan gäller exempelvis Yaris och är exklusive moms. Pris gäller tills vidare om inget annat avtalas. 

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Do you need a car sometimes during your workday, but want to skip all the hazzle without administration and tie up capital? Then KINTO Share is for you! Sign up your company today and pay for your trips with credit card and you're good to go. Receipts and driving journal can be found easly when it's time to report.