Prices for all trips 

Choose a price that suits you, change as needed, without a lock-in period. Everything is included, fixed parking, fuel, congestion tax, insurance, inspection, service, maintenance etc.


Low driving rate! 



For you who drive often and want our lowest price

Fr. 45 SEK/h

Fr. 445 SEK/24 h

Fr. 995 SEK/72 h

Fr. 2395 SEK/week 

+ 2 SEK/km 


3 month free! 



For you who drive occasionally and want a lower price.

Fr. 60 SEK/h

Fr. 655 SEK/24 h

Fr. 1095 SEK/72 h

Fr. 2795 SEK/week

+ 2 SEK/km 




For you who doesn't drive very often

Fr.  75 SEK/h

Fr. 795 SEK/24 h

Fr. 1295 SEK/72 h 

Fr. 2995 SEK/week

+ 2 SEK/km

Glatt gäng

NOW: Light-membership for free!

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1. Join and choose membership "Light"
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Påväg och golfar

Everything's included in the price!

We take care of everything; reserved parking, fuel, service, taxes, car wash and everything else is already included in the price. Book our new and safe Hybrids for how long you want, depending on your needs.